Digi-Cool® | Testo® | J/B® | Refco Digimon® | Yellow Jacket® Digital Gauge

The HVAC PROTech.com® Forums Exclusive FieldTest Evaluation Boards are currently conducting member run FieldTests on:

Testo® 330-1 LL Combustion Analyzers with the Testo® 318-V Video PRO Inspection Scope http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread4395-0-asc-0.html

Ritchie Yellow Jacket® 40802 Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer Gauges http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread4354.html

J/B® DM-2 Intelligent Manifold http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread4182.html

Testo® 327-1 Flue Gas Analyzer with the Testo® Pocket PRO Series 410-2 Vane Anemometer http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread4396.html

Testo® 523 RSA Refrigeration System Analyzer http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread4185-0-asc-0.html

We will also be adding the Refco Digimon® http://www.hvacprotech.forumwise.com/hvacprotech-thread5163.html in approximately one month and the Digi-Cool® DRSA™ 1250 soon.

Follow the links provided above or register (for free) to become a qualified member of the Forums and join our members in providing FieldTest Evaluations for these and other Instruments.

Register Your Free Account Today: http://www.hvacprotech.com  


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