Digi-Cool® AK-900™ Overview


AK900 Overview

Digi-Cool Industries is well known in the HVAC/R Industry for listening to the techs that their roots sprang out of and continue along with that tenet.  The AK900 (Analogue Killer) is consistent with that progression establishing once again some HVAC/R benchmarks that’ll put one or two of these babies in every reefer tech’s van.  We’re not trying to ‘needle’ the competition, but guys…let’s bring the ‘bargraph’ up!!!

A great deal of industry input brought some very innovative value engineering placing this rendition of the DRSA line very close in quality to the oil proof, water proof and drop proof unit we had previously brought to market.  We have thus managed to retain the same popular display and add some requested elements that are now displayed simultaneously in the same large LCD window.
The AK900 comes with a single sensor and no backlight for the very cost conscious tech and if he/she chooses, it can be upgraded to a double sensor and backlight for the display.  This new display has temperature(t) and superheat(SH) on the low side or left hand bottom of the display.  On the bottom right or high side of the display we have temperature and subooling (SC).  The refrigerant being referenced can be seen in the center bottom of the display along with the two sensed delta temperature difference (dt).

The legendary patented Dynamic Offset Bargraph display at the top of each side is still upgraded 4 times/second with the 8 segments above and below ‘O’ on the low side each representing a 0.25 psi plus or minus deviation from displayed numeric pressure and on the high side, a 1 psi plus or minus deviation for each segment displayed above or below ‘0’.

The same pressure transducer technology that has again become a benchmark in the DRSA industry was optimized and retained.  The stainless steel diaphragm is impervious to harsh reefer system acids, oils, moisture and, yes, refrigerants. If this wasn’t enough, we isolated the sensitive silicone pressure die from the harsh system with silicone oil.  Each and every amplified pressure transducer, not an EMI (electromagnetic interference) skewed sensor as used by most competitors, is then calibrated over it’s entire pressure and temperature range and this unique curve is then stored in each and every transducer’s memory (EEPROM).  Here again, all pressure sensors are pretty much carbon copied after a ‘best fit straight line’ (BFSL) so every sensor is an estimate as to how accurate it is, based on an initial generic template.
The AK900 of course comes with the fittings and extended hook to fit pretty much any manifold in the world so no need to throw away your favourite manifold.
The warranty is one full year of Digi-Cool Industries’ legendary warranty. (which means when you drop it off a 2 story building onto concrete…tell Doug or Brenda….it dropped only 1-1 ½ feet onto a couch and they’ll go ‘OK, we’ll fix it under warranty!’)

So hurry, and report the analogue as an endangered species because with all those features coupled with Digi-Cool Industries quality for $XXX.XX, digital is going to kill the analogue….

Digi-Cool® AK-900™ Overview


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